Think Your Student Is A National Merit Scholar?

National Merit Scholarships

For high school juniors, a strong PSAT score could mean eligibility for a scholarship. Colleges don’t see PSAT/NMSQT scores, but they can help you access scholarships, like the National Merit Scholarship. To find out the colleges sponsoring the most National Merit Scholarships select a state below and we’ll send you a list of the top colleges… Continue reading


What’s The #1 Source To Find Money For College?

Parents looking for affordable colleges

  We Need Your Help….. Volunteer to get a free Custom College Money Report, listing colleges awarding your student the most money. See more details below….   We hear this from parents all the time……. “How can I afford college?” “My expected family contribution (EFC) is unrealistic” “What schools will give us aid?” We know… Continue reading


What’s The Difference Between Merit And Need Based Financial Aid?

College financial aid falls into two basic categories: need-based and merit based aid. It’s important to know the difference between the two. Merit based financial aid, also known as non-need based aid, is generally awarded based on some merit qualification. This can be academic, great grades or test scores; athletic, the ability to catch a football;… Continue reading


Can You Pay For College Without Student Loans?

Here’s the $100,000 or quarter million dollar question depending if you’re considering private or public colleges – Can you pay for college without student loans? And the simple answer is yes. But we’re pretty sure you don’t believe the answer is that simple, otherwise why are there so many horror stories about people paying student loans… Continue reading


What is Financial Aid?

What is financial aid? The answer is obvious–money for college, right? Right! Of course, you probably realize that it can’t be as simple as that. And we’re sorry to be the ones to ruin a feel good moment, but saying college financial aid is simply money for college is about as meaningful as saying health… Continue reading