What’s The #1 Source To Find Money For College?

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  We Need Your Help….. Volunteer to get a free Custom College Money Report, listing colleges awarding your student the most money. See more details below….   We hear this from parents all the time……. “How can I afford college?” “My expected family contribution (EFC) is unrealistic” “What schools will give us aid?” We know the feelings. We have high school and college kids and we’ve gone through the process too. We know it’s overwhelming and confusing. We know high schools don’t really help families with the financial side of getting into college. And we know students can only finance a small percentage of college, so the rest falls on the shoulders of parents. We also know that the #1 source for finding mone ...


The Real Reasons Your Kid isn’t Getting Any Financial Aid

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We know that something needs to be done about the cost of college. We know that the current system is in need of serious reform. We also know that it took 30 years to get to this point and anyone starting college in the next few years has to deal with the system as it currently exists. Blaming the system isn’t going to save you any money.   The fact is families make choices that determine how much they will pay for college. Maybe these choices won’t seem fair, but they are the current reality. The amount of financial aid you’ll qualify for and how much you pay for college depends on your choices.   [Download our FREE College Lists By States to jumpstart  your college search process or compare against a list of colleges your student has already put together.]   Y ...


How to Cut the Cost of Out-of-State Tuition

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Most public colleges have two prices. There’s the amount they charge their own residents and then the amount they charge everyone else. For everyone else, the price can be twice as much as that charged to in-state residents. This is why attending an out-of-state public university can cost as much as attending a private school. However, there is the possibility of bringing the cost down through regional exchange programs.


Why You Need to Ignore Freshman Retention Rates

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Simple, they can’t tell you anything that you won’t learn by knowing the actual college graduation rate. But they can give you a false impression about happy and satisfied students because of the number of freshman returning to campus the following year. Basically, colleges like talking about retention rates when they would really rather not talk about graduation rates.


What’s The Difference Between Merit And Need Based Financial Aid?

College financial aid falls into two basic categories: need-based and merit based aid. It’s important to know the difference between the two. Merit based financial aid, also known as non-need based aid, is generally awarded based on some merit qualification. This can be academic, great grades or test scores; athletic, the ability to catch a football; or social, organizing people for a cause. Therefore, the non-need category is generally referred to as merit-based aid.  Need based financial aid is based on a family’s demonstrated financial need of what they can and can not pay towards college.   Why It’s Important To Know The Difference Between Merit and Need Based Financial Aid But it’s important to understand how the categories are basically derived based on w ...


Can You Pay For College Without Student Loans?

Here’s the $100,000 or quarter million dollar question depending if you’re considering private or public colleges – Can you pay for college without student loans? And the simple answer is yes. But we’re pretty sure you don’t believe the answer is that simple, otherwise why are there so many horror stories about people paying student loans into their retirement?   Don’t Want Loans? Attend A College You Can Afford The answer maybe yes, but it also may not be that simple. First there’s the fact that there isn’t ONE set price for college. The cost to attend a four-year college can range from a low of $12,000 to over $70,000 per year. So obviously, college choice will have a dramatic effect on how much you’ll pay for college. The second reas ...


What is Financial Aid?

What is financial aid? The answer is obvious–money for college, right? Right! Of course, you probably realize that it can’t be as simple as that. And we’re sorry to be the ones to ruin a feel good moment, but saying college financial aid is simply money for college is about as meaningful as saying health care insurance is how you pay for your doctor. Yes, it can be a bit complicated.   Let’s Start with the Basics College financial aid is money used to pay for college that does not come from the student or family when they pay the tuition bill. This leaves two other possible sources for paying the tuition bill. The first is money that comes from another source in the form of grants or scholarships. This is free or gift money used to pay the tuition. The second p ...