Figuring Out How Much Financial Aid You’ll Get

Understanding Financial Aid

It used to be that the only way you could figure out how much financial aid you’ll get was by being accepted to a college and submitting the FAFSA. However, now colleges have Net Price Calculators (NPC) and you can get an estimate of how much money you’ll get before you even submit an application fee. The federal government mandated colleges provide NPCs starting in 2011. Since they haven’t been around very long, they are definitely a work in progress. Yet, even with the limitations, they represent a much needed information opportunity for families trying to figure out how much they’re going to have to pay for college. Why NPCs are a Good Thing Now we know that some of you are thinking, “wait a minute, these NPCs sound like I’m going to have to go to eac ...


5 Scholarship Tips To Learn Before Your Student Is A High School Senior

Facebook Live Session Scholarship Tips For Parents

Don’t miss our Facebook Live session on essential tips parents need to know about scholarships. Our next Facebook Live session are Thursday 1/12 at 8:30pm (EST) and again on Sunday (1/15) at 8pm (EST).  If you’re the parent of a high school student, grades 9th – 11th, you’re probably looking for any possible sources of free money to help you pay for college. This is why you need to watch our Facebook Live session on “5 Essential Scholarship Tips Parents Need To Know”. Unless, of course, you have an extra $250,000 somewhere to pay for four years of college.  Here’s what we’ll be covering……   Should you pay for a scholarship service?   Learn how scholarships affect financial aid.   What do you need to know about privacy.   Revi ...


4 Reasons to Search for Colleges on

Woman doing custom college search on

There are plenty of college search websites you can use, but even if you have a favorite, you owe it to yourself to try This website is run by The Education Trust and makes it as easy as possible to search and compare colleges on indicators of cost and results. It’s also one of the few websites that displays the results in a table that users can easily sort on. When you visit, make sure you pay attention to the following four features.


Road Map To Cutting College Costs

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Trying to figure out how to afford college? What you need is a Road Map to Cutting College Costs. It’s easier to figure things out when you have someone to show you the way! Our next master class starts Wednesday, June 7th.    SIGN UP NOW   What Will You Learn? We designed Roadmap To Cutting College Costs to help busy parents jumpstart their learnings of what they need to do to find colleges that can offer their student the most in financial aid and/or merit scholarships. Every week we provide written lessons, videos, a webinar, handouts, and access to discussion boards. You work through the material at your own pace but we will have weekly live webinars where you can ask any questions you might have. This course teaches parents how to become smarter, educated consumers of highe ...


Our Gift To You – FREE College Lists

Creating a list of colleges your student may be interested in, is an important step in the college planning process. To jumpstart your research, we are offering free college lists to help you answer questions like –  Which school, in each state, has the best graduation rates? Which school, in each state, has the highest average net price? Which school, in each state, has the highest average PLUS loan per student?  And more!   Get our FREE College Lists by States * indicates required Email Address * First Name * Student’s Year Of HS Graduation * 2017201820192020202120220   After entering in your email address, we’ll send our FREE college lists in a follow-up email.     Colleges with the Highest Average Graduation Rate by State Colleges with the Highest Average Net Pric ...


Think Your Student Is A National Merit Scholar?

National Merit Scholarships

For high school juniors, a strong PSAT score could mean eligibility for a scholarship. Colleges don’t see PSAT/NMSQT scores, but they can help you access scholarships, like the National Merit Scholarship. To find out the colleges sponsoring the most National Merit Scholarships select a state below and we’ll send you a list of the top colleges offering the most National Merit sScholarships in that state.     Loading…


What’s The #1 Source To Find Money For College?

Parents looking for affordable colleges

  We Need Your Help….. Volunteer to get a free Custom College Money Report, listing colleges awarding your student the most money. See more details below….   We hear this from parents all the time……. “How can I afford college?” “My expected family contribution (EFC) is unrealistic” “What schools will give us aid?” We know the feelings. We have high school and college kids and we’ve gone through the process too. We know it’s overwhelming and confusing. We know high schools don’t really help families with the financial side of getting into college. And we know students can only finance a small percentage of college, so the rest falls on the shoulders of parents. We also know that the #1 source for finding mone ...


Can You Afford Two Extra House Payments?

Money representing two extra house payments for college

Let’s talk about how much to expect to pay for college. It’s time to stop the wishful thinking about full-ride scholarships and encouraging your teen to pursue her ‘dream school.” It’s time to answer a very basic question, can you afford two extra house payments each month? Because that’s how much you’re going to be paying to send junior to your state flagship university. Do we have your attention?


The Real Reasons Your Kid isn’t Getting Any Financial Aid

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We know that something needs to be done about the cost of college. We know that the current system is in need of serious reform. We also know that it took 30 years to get to this point and anyone starting college in the next few years has to deal with the system as it currently exists. Blaming the system isn’t going to save you any money.   The fact is families make choices that determine how much they will pay for college. Maybe these choices won’t seem fair, but they are the current reality. The amount of financial aid you’ll qualify for and how much you pay for college depends on your choices.   [Download our FREE College Lists By States to jumpstart  your college search process or compare against a list of colleges your student has already put together.]   Y ...


How to Cut the Cost of Out-of-State Tuition

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Most public colleges have two prices. There’s the amount they charge their own residents and then the amount they charge everyone else. For everyone else, the price can be twice as much as that charged to in-state residents. This is why attending an out-of-state public university can cost as much as attending a private school. However, there is the possibility of bringing the cost down through regional exchange programs.