What is FAFSA?

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What does it mean? The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is the financial aid form that students must complete to become eligible for any federal college financial aid programs, including federal student loans and work study. Many states used it to distribute state-based financial aid. The majority of colleges require… Continue reading


Why You Shouldn’t Take Out Private Student Loans

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I just can’t do it. This post was supposed to be on what you need to know about taking out private student loans. I researched all the ways that private loans differ from federal student loans. You don’t need to go past the first page of a Google search to find all the comparisons which… Continue reading


What You Need to Know About Student Loans

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What does it mean? A loan is money that you have to repay with interest. Students may find loans included as part of their financial aid award, usually federal. There are a variety of loans available for students. The federal government is the largest source of student loans. However, students can find student loans from… Continue reading


5 Overlooked Financial Aid Tips for Incoming College Freshman

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I know, it’s May. You’ve already picked your college and accepted your financial aid award. What more can there be to worry about except deciding whether to buy dorm furnishings and move them or wait and buy them once you arrive? Well, there are at least 5 financial aid related issues that if families don’t… Continue reading


Cost of Attendance (COA): What You Need to Know

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What does COA mean? COA stands for cost of attendance which is how much it will cost a student to attend a college for a year. This is not the same thing as what a college charges. It is a federally defined term that is meant to estimate how much students spend to complete a… Continue reading