Merit Aid College Package

The Merit Aid College Package includes a list of colleges that are more generous offering merit aid. These lists are divided by region. For each region schools are listed that are more likely to offer merit aid. This is determined by a combination of data including percentage of students without need receiving aid, percentage of freshman who receive institutional aid, and the average net price. 


The list of colleges more generous with merit aid, is a great start for families concerned they may not receive need based aid. When reviewing this list, keep in mind that students offered merit aid are most likely in the top third to a quarter of academic profile of students admitted to the school.


Also included in this package is our Scholarship Toolkit is a great resource when searching for private scholarships. It includes:


  • Ratings of 16 major scholarship search websites
  • Overview of 7 websites with lists of scholarships
  • Listing of resources to organize and track scholarship applications
  • 46 often overlooked state websites for scholarships

Level 2


  • List Of Colleges Most Generous With Merit Aid, By Region


Other Packages

Level 1


  • Need Based Financial Aid Package and Lists


Level 3


  • Customized List of Generous Colleges for Need and Merit Based Aid


Level 4


  • One on One Consultation