Need Aid College Package

The Need Aid College Package includes a list of Colleges Most Likely To Meet Financial Need. Colleges on this list meet at least 85% or more of a family's demonstrated financial need or have a net average price of less than $10,000 for families making $30,000 or less. Demonstrated need may be based on the government's calculated EFC or a college's institutional based calculation from the CSS Profile.


In addition, we know families in need of financial aid money can use help finding money to cover more than just tuition. That's why we include our list of Colleges With Free Application Fees. This list includes schools that will waive their application fee if you apply online through the Common Application or while visiting the campus, along with schools that just don't charge any application fees.


Our Scholarship Toolkit is a great resource when searching for private scholarships. It includes:


  • Ratings of 16 major scholarship search websites
  • Overview of 7 websites with lists of scholarships
  • Listing of resources to organize and track scholarship applications
  • 46 often overlooked state websites for scholarships

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  • Need Based Financial Aid Package and Lists


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  • Scholarship Search Toolkit


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  • Cutting College Costs Master Class


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  • Custom College Money List