What We Offer

College Money Search provides different levels of services to meet varying family needs and budgets.


Families can choose among three types of packages:


The Need Aid College Package provides college lists and reports to help families save money in the college admissions process as well as find schools more generous with need based aid.


The Merit Aid College Package provides lists of colleges more generous with merit aid scholarship money.


Or request a Custom College Money List of specific colleges more likely to be generous based on specific student information.



In addition, families can include one-on-one hourly consultations for more personalized time to review individual situations. Families may choose to enroll in our online course to learn more about the financial aid process and how to do your own research to target colleges more generous with their institutional money. 

Service Levels and Pricing

Level 1


  • Need Based Financial Aid Package and College Lists


Level 2


  • List Of Colleges Most Generous With Merit Aid, By Region


Level 3


  • Customized List of Generous Colleges for Need and Merit Based Aid


Level 4


  • One on One Consultation