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We hear this from parents all the time…….

“How can I afford college?”

“My expected family contribution (EFC) is unrealistic”

“What schools will give us aid?”

We know the feelings. We have high school and college kids and we’ve gone through the process too. We know it’s overwhelming and confusing. We know high schools don’t really help families with the financial side of getting into college. And we know students can only finance a small percentage of college, so the rest falls on the shoulders of parents.

We also know that the #1 source for finding money for college is to find a college that will award your student the most money. Private scholarships won’t make a dent in the tuition bill. Only 11% of FREE money (money that doesn’t need to be paid back) comes from private scholarships. Compare that to 44% of FREE money that comes from colleges themselves.


So, how do you find colleges that are likely to award your student money?

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